Bei uns wird SERVICE groß geschrieben!

Customer Service and Installation Team

Our customer service and installation team deserves special mention. Our exceptionally well trained workforce are not only familiar with the equipment but understand the needs of its users on the ground. They’ll be there wherever they are needed, with fast and straightforward solutions to your problems.

We pride ourselves on taking the utmost care during the installation process and always adapt to local conditions of production, both at home and abroad. Friendly and competent interactions with our customers are a given.

We offer everything from planning to commissioning from a single source. Excellent after-sales service is an integral part of any effortless and reliable installation service, so we offer fast and straightforward on-site maintenance and repair services.

Emergency Assistance

Should a technical problem arise, a member of our customer service team will be at your disposal.

Servicehotline: +49 (0) 2564 394487 -55

Mobil: +49 (0) 170 545 1001

Mondays to Fridays:                                         7:00–18:00
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays:                 8:00–18:00

Replacement Parts Service

Quality and consistency create the sustainability that gives our products a long lifespan.

To ensure that our company’s systems and equipment remain of service to you for as long as possible, we keep permanent stocks of all wear and replacement parts, to prevent delivery bottlenecks or productivity losses for you.

Because we pride ourselves on both our innovative and dependable technology and our ability to reliably furnish replacement parts.


Safely master our equipment

It’s important to get the systems commissioning right. Our customer service and installation team will support you as you take this important step, facilitating an efficient and successful start to operation.

Our team will train you in the use of our products on site. The induction they provide will enable you to safely master operations. This allows us to guarantee you smooth and successful operations.

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